About Us

Since 1950, Therm-O-Namel has been providing quality industrial coating services for manufacturers of all sizes. Established in Los Angeles, Therm-O-Namel has been involved in extraordinary projects, all of which require the utmost precision, skill, and discretion. Therm-O-Namel has worked on millions of parts and continues to serve clients locally and nationally. We partner with small to large businesses to assist with On-going Production Runs, Limited Run Products, and One-off Custom Projects. Therm-O-Namel also works alongside Fortune 500 Companies, contributing to many products used in our daily lives. Our employees are masters at their craft, working with us, on average, 25+ years. Therm-O-Namel is a professional company that combines  expertise with careful attention to detail to meet the needs of each customer.

Many Therm-O-Namel customers come from the exacting fields of telecommunications, electronics, and medical equipment manufacturing. Early on, we earned our reputation for meeting demanding specifications and deadlines.

Our unwavering attention to quality and customer service have attracted new customers that manufacture fitness equipment, automotive products, home theatre components, and products for other specialized industries. From short runs to high volume production runs, Therm-O-Namel delivers. How can we help you?

Service Specialties:

  • Painting

  • Powder Coating

  • Silk Screening

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Sanding

  • Grinding

  • Injection Molding

  • Packaging Assembly for Drop-Shipping

Our Services

Guiding Principles for Lasting Partnerships

We conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity, honesty, and transparency in all interactions with clients, partners, and team members.

We strive for excellence in every project we undertake, aiming to exceed client expectations and deliver services that make a meaningful impact.

We embrace innovation and continuously seek creative approaches to solve complex challenges, staying ahead in the dynamic business landscape.
We believe in the power of collaboration, both within our team and with our clients. By fostering open communication and teamwork, we achieve greater outcomes together.

Our Approach

Empowering Your Success Through Personalized Solutions

We understand the individuality of each business, with its distinctive opportunities and challenges. Our approach is centered on gaining a profound understanding of your specific needs, objectives, and obstacles.